How it all began . . .

Journey since 1999

Helios Gym Area

Hyderabad…. historically known as a pearl city and diamond trading centre. With variety of tourist attractions of Heritageous monuments, Lakes and Parks. A well know city with richly mixed cultural and historical traditions.

For Individuals interested in participating in the world of health and fitness organsed to form a feasible place to workout for all genders, a well known fitness instructors in Hyderabad dawned upon the idea of fitness centre offering world-class equipment service. The founders, Mr.Chandrasheker Reddy and Mrs.Sunita Tummalapalli joined hands to establish Helios Fitness Centre. Helios began as an equal investment from both partners. As Helios established itself in the fitness industry, Mrs Sunita Tummalapalli found other avenues to prioritise on and thus bid goodbye to Helios. Further on Mr.Chandrasheker took over the mantle as the Director of Helios Fitness Centre and has been running it successfully since then.

Jubilee Hills, an elite and well-populated areas in Hyderabad was zeroed in on as the location for the fitness centre. The location was successful in drawing crowds from all the surrounding areas, as Helios was one of the first gymnasiums offering up-market equipment and outstanding personal service to all its clients.