BMI Helios (Greek mythology) God of Sun spoken as handsome youth.



► Determine your fitness baseline!

► Calculates body mass, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular capabilities

► Compare your overall fitness to your peers

► Set targets for your goal



► Private onsite analysis of overall health and risk factors

► Comprehensive, confidential results report Understand how your lifestyle is impacting your health

► Take a proactive, preventive approach to chronic diseases

► Know more about your health without visiting a doctor



► Resting metabolic assessment

► Know how many calories your body burns naturally

► See you how much you can eat without gaining weight

► Learn how to add healthy, lean body mass



► A precise measure of your cardiovascular fitness

► Key cardiovascular training markers include anaerobic threshold, aerobic base and V02

► Determines your optimal heart rate zones

► Shows where your workout is most effective

► Know how many calories you burn during exercise

► Have better information for a customized cardio plan

Healthy Way of Life Report Card


► Compiles the results of all four tests

► Gives you an overall score

► Identifies areas to focus on


Achieve your goals more efficiently and confidently with precise scientific data on your current health and fitness, plus a personalized plan developed specifically for you by fitness professional.


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